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New website coming soon

By Default admin account on 15-Sep-16 18:29.

New website coming soon

Its not that old, but a lot has happened in the world of web recently, so I think its time to update our site again to incorporate the new stuff.

Ive managed to secure a shorter domain name too.

Windows 10 Update- a warning

By Default admin account on 27-Jul-16 12:53.

WINDOWS 10 free upgrade WARNING!

AVOID doing this automatic FREE upgrade as it will more than likely break your laptop or PC.

Darcy Lever Railway Cutting

By Default admin account on 07-Jul-16 07:53.

Saving a local Wildlife corridor

slightly off the topic, but crucial to local wildlife
Please share, especially if you live in or near Bolton, Lancashire.
This Idylic corridor, used by wildlife including DEER, FOXES, BIRDS, BATS and GREAT CRESTED NEWTS will be a landfill

Refrigeration System Training Specialists by Coriolis- new site for summer

By Default admin account on 21-Jun-16 10:05.

New site for Summer

Coriolis International's long awaited new site has just gone live.

Refrigeration System Training Specialists by Coriolis

Bolton Little Theatre

By Default admin account on 03-Aug-15 11:12.

New website for Bolton Little Theatre in July.

BLT is a 100% volunteer group. They were looking to update their website this year as it wasnt mobile friendly- responsive or very easy to edit by the volunteers.
We had originally planned to take the site live around the end

Microsoft is killing off the Internet Explorer brand

By Default admin account on 07-Jul-15 13:00.

IE will live on, but only as plumbing for Windows.

Hurray. Click here to read the full article 

But dont worry, the other browsers out

Critical Magento Vulnerability Update

By Default admin account on 19-May-15 11:34.

magento critical update May 2015

A vulnerability has been discovered

We had 5 new enquiries last month for major projects.

By Default admin account on 15-May-15 16:21.

Does this appeal to you?
Do you need more business?

Contact us to find out how we can get you more business without huge costs.

Urgent warning for all WordPress users

By Default admin account on 28-Apr-15 14:53.

If you have a WordPress website, this is for you.

A cross-site scripting vulnerability has been discovered that can allow commenters to compromise your WordPress websites.

New- Video: Yvonne Castle

By Default admin account on 23-Oct-14 11:15.

Video: Yvonne Castle talks about her experience with Fox Creative

We asked Yvonne why she chose Fox Creative to create two new websites and later convert an older website built using Joomla CMS to our easy to use CMS system.

A brief extract of her video is below, or why not click here

Important WordPress security alert

By Default admin account on 22-Sep-14 12:06.

If you are using the WordPress MailPoet plugin and you have not updated it since before the1st of July 2014 it is important you do so.

Google Keyword Problem

By Default admin account on 18-Aug-14 04:45.

Google has been steadily expanding its policy of withholding keyword data for organic search for the last 3 years.

Hummingbird update

By Default admin account on 23-Apr-14 11:14.

If you have a website- for business- and you've ever wanted to be on page one this news

IS going to matter to you ( or your SEO people)


So assuming you are all here because you are in business, and have heard about Googles' previous


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